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Helping patients feel comfortable

18th November 2020

Alice Pearce

Submitted by Lindsay Rutherford-Hoe, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Alice Pearce joined our volunteer Team in February prior to the pandemic; however, this did not deter her passion to help and support our patients during this difficult time.

Alice has been committed to supporting Ward 36 twice a week during the last six months and has gone above and beyond in this time to ensure our patients were treated with dignity and respect, care and compassion.

As a volunteer on the ward, Alice spends her time speaking with patients and listening to their stories whilst also looking at ways she can make their hospital stay a little more pleasant. An example of this is when a patient had a two week stay on the ward with only the most basic necessities. Alice helped in a number of ways, first she tracked down a mobile phone, donated by Virgin Media to Helpforce and in turn provided to the Trust. Alice entered the number for the patient’s son, who was not allowed to visit the hospital during the pandemic, so they could catch up and be updated on her progress.

The biggest help was when Alice, in her own time, arranged to collect the patient’s glasses and some clothes. Alice then came back to the hospital in her own time to drop these off for the patient. Always thinking of ways to provide some distraction and relief for the patients on the ward she has bought puzzle books at her own expense and brought in activities from home.

Alice goes out of her way to make sure patients have appropriate clothing. An example of this is how Alice made a difference by making sure a patient, who was suffering with their mental health, had access to some nice clean clothes kindly donated by Ralph Lauren via Helpforce. After the patient had showered and changed into the new clothes Alice then helped them do their hair. The patient told us this had made a huge difference to their wellbeing and how they were feeling.

With an interest in pursuing a career in nursing, we think Alice would be an asset to any clinical team. However, for the time being Alice is an asset to our Trust volunteer team. She has made a huge difference to our patients and staff over the past few months and we are grateful for her support.

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