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20 February 2023 at 7:47am

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Has anyone worked on projects where volunteers or VCFSE groups support virtual wards (or hospital at home)?

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20 February 2023 at 10:09am


Hi Alice

We have been supporting a GP based multi agency team to introduce volunteers into their pilot service. The idea has been to instigate virtual wards with those on the GP frailty list, as part of a 12 month funded project to tackle waiting lists for planned care. Patients either attend at the GP surgery - with various professionals, including third sector organisations, joining the meeting virtually - or patients join from home. The volunteer role was designed to support patients in getting digitally connected to the meeting from their home, and to provide general support eg making notes or reinforcing key points from the meeting. The only volunteer who has done this to date has been a medical student

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Replies