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Whether you’re looking for meaningful ways to give back to your community, you’re the leader of an NHS Trust seeking to harness the power of volunteers, or you’re a Volunteer Manager wanting to improve your volunteer services, we’re here to guide you. There are lots of different ways that you can get involved in creating great volunteer experiences within hospitals.

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Welcome more volunteers

More and more people are asking to volunteer in the NHS. Let us know if you would like more volunteers and we will help you.

I want more volunteers

I spent time talking to a patient who was anxious about rehabilitation. I was able to relieve her anxieties, tell her about visiting hours and the activities she’d be doing, and offer to meet her.

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If you’re an NHS Trust interested in learning more about the benefits volunteering can bring to your staff, patients and community we’d love to talk to you. We can offer you blueprints for implementation, access to resources, events and ongoing support to help you achieve your goal of integrated community healthcare.

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Focus on the impact

While increasing volunteer numbers is an important part of the effort to improve NHS volunteering – at Helpforce we believe that measuring the hours’ volunteers have contributed is only part of the journey. Our mission is to get to the heart of the issue – measuring the impact volunteering has on the services, staff and patients who benefit.

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See where it’s working

After launching with five pilot projects, we’re expanding. Our growing network of hospitals are testing, measuring and sharing their experiences of volunteering to deliver tangible front-line change and develop best practice.

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Thinking about volunteering?

Why not visit one of our partners to find out about opportunities near you.