Guidance and Resources for Check In and Chat Supervisors

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16th March 2021



Thank you to Nuria De Miguel from Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust for sharing.

Guidance for Supervisors when chatters have found that the people they call have unmet social and practical needs.

If people are distressed and you are not sure whether this is only about social and practical needs - signpost or direct them to the CNWL Single Point of Access (SPA) in the first instance. SPA can be contacted on: 0800 XXXX XXX email: xxxxxxxxxxx

If you feel that the anxieties are very much about practical and social needs signpost initially to the Corona Virus Social Services support lines in each of the 5 main boroughs we work in (Westminster/Kensington & Chelsea/Brent/Harrow or Hillingdon). We also offer some services in other boroughs eg Ealing/Hammersmith & Fulham..

If the person you are calling is experiencing a medical emergency, then it would be appropriate to offer and call an ambulance and let your supervisor know

Corona Virus social services support lines each borough

In the first instance direct callers to the appropriate local authority website. There is a wealth of information on all of them as well as enquiry forms to get support. If there are barriers to accessing technology (or digital exclusion) such as age, mental health, intellectual ability, language, homelessness then please transfer them through to the local social services department. Inform them that there may be a long wait due to high demand and encourage them to stay on the line until it is picked up.

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