Volunteering to support Wellbeing and Mental Health in Brent (Workshop 2020)

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23rd November 2021



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In December 2020 as part of the project a workshop was held to discuss the mental health support needed in the Bent community. For the full document please download the attached PDF.

Agenda - volunteering supporting low level mental health

  • Introduction and scene setting
    • Shazia Hussain - Assistant Chief Executive Hounslow Council

    • Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett - Founder Helpforce and Chair Chelwest

    • MC Patel - Chair Brent CCG

  • The current services’ landscape for mental health and the role of volunteering
    • Statutory sector perspective - Tom Shakespeare (Brent Council) and Jenny Lanyero (CNWL)

    • Voluntary sector perspective - Danny Maher, Ashford Place

  • Breakout sessions
    • How might we pilot new innovations in service delivery in Church End and Alperton alongside health inequalities work?

    • Where are services delivered?

    • How are services delivered?

    • Who delivers services?

  • Feedback and next steps

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