Webinar: The Kings Fund Report

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12th July 2022



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Developing a strategic approach to volunteering in NHS trusts

Volunteering in the NHS has significantly developed in recent years, but how much more could be achieved, and where are the opportunities for development? The King’s Fund’s latest research looks at the current evidence and status of volunteering in NHS trusts and proposes how a more strategic approach to volunteering could maximise how volunteers add value to the work of trusts.

Dr Helen Gilburt is a Fellow in the Policy Team at The King’s Fund and was the lead for this work which was commissioned jointly by NHS England & NHS Improvement and the Pears Foundation. In the webinar Helen gave a brief overview of the research and proposals outlined in the reports and there was an opportunity to ask questions and share thinking at the end.

We also welcomed Jane Fox and Emma Valentine from the Voluntary Partnerships team at NHS England & NHS Improvement who gave the context and background to the report and shared their thoughts on its long-term impact for voluntary services in health and care.

Take a look at the report on the Kings Fund website..

For the full webinar please take a look at recording.

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