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Bob Barbour Last active 7 months ago
I have been the Head of Volunteering for Barts Health Trust for the last 4 years. I have 22 years of experience of working with volunteers in all sectors and settings including the Olympic and Paralympic Games and setting up  a one of the biggest Good Neighbourhood scheme in the country. I am passionate about volunteers and volunteering as I believe it is a very powerful force for change and that communities and local people  should have platforms for getting involved and playing their part in public service. At Barts Health Trust we currently have 1,121 active volunteers in a number of roles. We are very excited to be working with HelpForce with the  innovation programme and looking forward to rolling out our Volunteer Active Responder Role. My ambition is to  have a vibrant, impactful and meaningful good practice volunteer programme which has an outcome for all those involved.
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