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Carol Rawlings Last active 7 months ago
NAVSM Seminar Team Leader & West Midlands Hub Secretary Carol took early retirement from the NHS after 37 years as a registered nurse. Her last post was as Associate Director of Patient Affairs at one of the largest NHS Foundation Trusts in England. Carol's main areas of responsibility included the patient and public involvement agenda, patient experience agenda, and voluntary services agenda. Carol's passion for championing volunteering through best practice in the management of volunteer services has been evident in her work and personal life for almost two decades. Carol has a broad range of interests and expertise including leadership and management skills, job substitution, youth volunteering, legal issues in volunteering, staff engagement and volunteer management. Since retiring Carol has become one of a small team of volunteers that support the National Executive Committee (NEC) of NAVSM as the Seminar Team Leader, and has led the organisation of the National Training Seminars for Voluntary Services Managers and Coordinators.
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