ALAMA Covid-19 Risk Assessment

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5th October 2021



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A useful tool to help you with risk assessments for volunteers from The Association of Local Authority Medical Advisors (ALAMA).

Excerpt from ALAMA website.


What is Covid-age?

Covid-age is a simple, user-friendly tool that helps assess an individual’s vulnerability to Covid-19 in the absence of previous infection or vaccination. It is based on published evidence for the main identified risk factors. That evidence indicates that vulnerability to Covid-19 increases exponentially with age; for example, in comparison with a healthy person aged 20, a healthy person aged 60 has more than 30 times the risk of dying if they contract Covid-19.

Covid-age summarises vulnerability for combinations of risk factors including age, sex and ethnicity and various health problems. It works by “translating” the risk associated with each factor into years, which are added to (or subtracted from) an individual’s actual age. This then gives a single overall measure of vulnerability, expressed as the age of a healthy white man, not previously infected or vaccinated, who would be expected to have similar vulnerability. It can be used in people with no underlying medical conditions or multiple medical conditions. In this way, one measure combines all of an individual’s risk factors with their actual age.

For full details please go to the ALAMA website.

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