How to improve your volunteering service through Insight & Impact - Day 3

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7th June 2021



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This is the recording of the third webinar as part of a series of three webinar sessions that will show you how to collect data to improve your volunteering service and demonstrate its values against key NHS measures.

Those sessions were delivered by experts in impact and insight. All three webinars are suitable for everyone involved in managing volunteers - regardless of your experience with evaluation.

Day 3: Starting your Insight & Impact journey

In this final session, we shared with you key steps to help you start your Insight and Impact journey, introducing you to the new Insight & Impact service that Helpforce has recently developed to help you with evaluation and service improvement.

We were also joined by three volunteering leaders, Laura Shalev-Greene from Kingston Hospital NHS FT, Lucy Boulter Salford Royal NHS Trust, and Mandy Cleaver from Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, who shared their hands-on experience of using the Insight & Impact service.

Questions and answers from the session can be found below:

Q: Can multiple people use it at a time?

A:This isn’t available at the moment but was picked up on a recent project and Helpforce now recognise that there is a need for the dashboard to be available to a Trust and not just one person. Will be available in a few weeks.

Q: Does the service allow us to share impact measurements? Would be useful to see others to help as a starting point.

A: As a feature it is private to start with but there are options to share with the network as you go along. The idea is that this is a community so that you can share ideas.​

Q:At the collect stage, do users input the data from surveys etc directly?

A:When you get to the Collect stage, the data model will help you implement that data. Could be a collection of surveys already in the system or your own data. If we have all the data we can do all the data processing. We will help you with this.

Q:Can you have several projects running at the same time? And is there a limit to that number at all?

A: No limit you can have as many projects as you like.

Q: How have Trusts who have trialled this linked into their Trust Quality Improvement key staff/teams to share their learning?

A: Can’t speak for every hospital but the aim is that this will start conversations and strengthen relationships.

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