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Maternity Base Volunteers Specific Roles

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11th March 2021



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Thank you to Gina Barr the Volunteer Services Manager at Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust for sharing this document.



Welcome to MatBase from all the staff. We are delighted to have you here and value your contribution to the care of our women and babies.

The most important thing you can do is talk to the women and ask is there anything you can do for them. The women will enjoy talking to you about their experience and new babies. It is an important and exciting time for them…..

Daily tasks you can assist with are:

  • Offer iced water and show women where the patient kitchen is.
  • Offer tea, coffee and toast if needed, especially at night
  • Clear tables for meals and give help the staff give out meals
  • Help to get breast milk/formula from fridges in the nursery
  • Give out Red Baby Books and information leaflets
  • Give out Exit cards to patients, family and friends and encourage people to complete them
  • Answer buzzers
  • Generally tidy up and assist with cleaning
  • Assist with making beds (please ensure an apron is worn) DO NOT HANDLE SOILED ITEMS
  • Help transfer patients to other wards
  • Comfort round checks

Our Housekeeper often has many important tasks for you to help with. Our ward clerks will also have jobs and photocopying for you to do.

If you can think of anything else you could be involved in please speak to the shift leader on duty or Ward Manager.

You are an important team member on our ward and if you know anyone else who would like to volunteer, please contact the volunteers office.

Many thanks

The Ward Manager.

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