Rehab Legend Volunteers: Role description

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12th December 2022



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Thank you to University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust for sharing this role description.

Why we need your help

As part of a patient’s rehabilitation, volunteers can have the opportunity to be part of their recovery journey back to health. A patient’s condition can deteriorate in hospital as they are unable to get up and about doing their regular activities. We need volunteers to help patients across the hospital fulfil their exercise plans, get out and about in the hospital- visiting the garden, shop and gym.

What you will gain from this role

  • An insight into patient care and rehabilitation.
  • The opportunity to help patient’s recover in a positive way.
  • The opportunity to gain experience in patient care in a hospital environment.
  • You’ll be able to keep fit and active and help as part of a team.
  • You’ll receive support and training from staff within the area.

What does a Rehab Legend Volunteer do?

As a rehab legend volunteer, the vast majority of your role will be helping patients fulfil their exercise plans and rehabilitation activities. Rehab Legend volunteers help provide entertainment for patient’s on the ward and encourage them to get involved in wider hospital activities.

  • Help patients to fulfil the exercises in their plans – Liaise with ward Physiotherapy staff if none present
  • Facilitate transfers to and from the gym
  • Assist with exercise in the gym and on the wider ward – Therabike, Beach balls, exercises as prescribed
  • Record feedback from patients
  • Provide assistance at meal times for patients who are able to feed themselves
  • Support patients to visit the Gardens and outdoor spaces
  • Support patients to visit and use the on-site facilities, such as the shops and cafés
  • Help patients make video calls to friend and family members
  • Liaise with the ward teams to run multi participant activities, such as Bingo and Skittles
  • Completion of the ‘Getting to know me’ leaflets

What we won’t ask you to do

  • You won’t be providing clinical care to patients (ie. doing the tasks which the staff have been trained to do).
  • We won’t ask you to carry heavy loads.

What skills or experience do you need?

  • Excellent communication skills – talking and listening to patients and staff – with a good standard of oral English
  • Understand and comply with confidentiality requirements
  • Have a professional and friendly demeanour, and able to work in a team
  • Be committed to the role and attend regularly. Be punctual and dependable.
  • Within the boundaries of your role, be self-motivated and able to help without direct supervision
  • The ability to know when to seek help – although guidance will be given.
  • A reasonable level of fitness – you will be standing and walking during some of your ‘shift’.

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