Home from Hospital Role Description for Volunteers

Tags: Guidance, Template

16th March 2021



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To assist patients to settle at home on discharge following a spell in hospital

  • To meet the patient at home following discharge, either waiting for the ambulance to arrive

or arriving soon after the patient has arrived home

  • To check heating / lights are working with the patient
  • To ensure milk and food is available for that day
  • To ensure by talking to the patient that food will be accessible to the patient
  • To make a cup of tea for the patient
  • To assist unpacking belongings
  • Complete falls environmental check, make recommendations and complete actions if safe and agreed with patient i.e. removing rugs
  • To chat to the patient, putting them at ease and increasing confidence at being at home
  • Identify with the patient if a second visit would be useful

To contact the volunteer coordinator if concerns are raised during the visit

  • Patient is unable to transfer / mobilise
  • Patient exhibiting confusion / physical problems
  • No food is on the premises and no one apparent to purchase
  • Issues re environment – heating / lights / water/ hygiene

Completion of second visit (or telephone follow-up)

  • Check how patient coped over night - chatting with patient
  • Making cup of tea for patient
  • checking care arrived as planned – by chatting to patients
  • Liaison with coordinator re referral to other agencies, Age UK