Telephone Befriender: Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

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16th March 2021



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Thank you to Sharon Nobbs from Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust for sharing this document.


Your personal responsibility concerning security and confidentiality of information (relating to patients, staff and the organisation)

During the course of your time with the Volunteer Team at the Trust, you may acquire or have access to confidential information which must not be disclosed to any other person unless in pursuit of your assigned duties or with specific permission given by a person on behalf of the Trust. This condition applies during your relationship with the Trust and after the relationship ceases.

Confidential information includes all information relating to the Trust, its patients and employees. Such information may relate to patient records, telephone enquiries about patients or staff, handwritten notes containing patient information etc. If you are in doubt, you must check with a member of the Voluntary Services Team.

  • Your assigned duty is to make contact with patients via telephone to offer support, and a friendly listening ear.
  • Please be mindful when contacting patients to make the calls where you cannot be overheard.

The Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation regulates the use of computerised information and paper records of identifiable individuals (patients and staff). If you are found to not have protected personal data or made an unauthorised disclosure you may face legal action in accordance with Data Protection Legislation.

I understand that I am bound by a duty of confidentiality and I have read and understood the responsibility concerning security and confidentiality.

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