Webinar: Launch of the Helpforce Adopt and Adapt service

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15th February 2022



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On 15 February 2022 we launched our Adopt and Adapt free service that brings together our expert support and experience to set up successful volunteer projects that make a major impact on your organisation's patients and staff.

Adopting an existing service has huge benefits:

  • The service is tried and tested. You can learn from other organisations’ experiences and best practice is already established. It will accelerate your organisation’s ability to deliver a sustainable service.
  • It reduces the risks associated with developing a new service, as impact is already demonstrated.
  • Having evidence of a similar service's impact can help you get buy-in from key stakeholders in your organisation

In this session we:

  • Provide an overview of the Adopt and Adapt service
  • Demonstrate our proven approach to delivering sustainable services
  • Discuss which of our proven services we can support you to develop

For a copy of the presentation please download the attached PDF