Falls prevention: Standard operating procedures

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5th April 2022



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Referrals to the service

The Project Lead will send an email update to all referrers with service capacity details and when it is possible to make referrals.

We currently receive paper referrals or forms are emailed directly to the Project Lead or to the Exercise Volunteers inbox.

  • Paper referrals

There are currently two pink folders with referral forms and physiotherapy booklets. One is located in the Emergency Department (in red CDU / Am wrap) and the other on Derwent ward (located in the MDT room). These should be checked twice a week for completed forms but usually the referrer will contact us by telephone or email to inform of a new referral.

  • Email referrals

These are sent directly to the Project Lead or to the Exercise Volunteers inbox. Please check the Exercise Volunteers inbox (insert email) and process any new referrals. Once the referral has been administered, the email can be moved into the ‘Processed Referrals’ folder. Any other emails that have been responded to can be moved to the ‘Archive’ folder.

Processing New Referrals

Once a new referral has been received, please check that the patient meets the eligibility criteria of the service. If there are any queries, go back to the referrer for further information. Once eligibility has been confirmed, please follow the procedure below:

For the full 6 page document please download the attached PDF