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Outcome Overview

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Evidenced outcome

Improved staff wellbeing & morale

Evidence point

71% of nurses feel less stressed with volunteer support (n=92)

73% of staff feel that volunteer support is helpful in allowing more time to deliver good care to patients (n=228)

12% more of the staff working with volunteers, than would be expected based on the available comparator data, feel that they can deliver the care that they aspire to (82% programme sites n=167 vs 70% NHS staff survey n=30,617)

24% more of the staff working with volunteers would recommend their organisation as a place to work than would be expected (89% programme sites n=228 vs 65% NHS staff survey n=33,642)

Primary beneficiary


Partner organisation

Mutliple NHS Trusts

Volunteering role / intervention

Multiple acute hospital based roles

Evidence strength




November 2020

VIP Evidence Report